Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our world of *F*O*O*T*B*A*L*L*!

We are immersed in football and I LOVE IT! (The only grumbling you'll hear from me is when it starts getting cold/wet/snowy.) Cole is starting on the Sophomore team and dressing on the Varsity team, which means games on Thursday and Friday nights. He is #29 and plays Running Back. He has done really well in the 3 games so far, scoring 2 touchdowns. CHHS Sophomores have won 2 lost 1. He hasn't played Varsity yet but has dressed and Varsity is 3-1 now and looking good. Kai is #38 - playing Running Back (offense), Outside Linebacker (defense) and Special Teams for his Little League team - and they just won their first game today against Riverton! Kai has scored 2 touchdowns and 1 extra point with the extra point and 72 yard touchdown today! Woo hoo! It was a great game and our boys looked REALLY GREAT! And, of course, our favorite college team - BYU - is 3 - 0 and we are really excited for this football season. We can't wait until Kai is playing HS football so we can get season tickets to the BYU games! So, here are some photos of our football events over the last little while.

Cole's Sophomore photo:

This is Cole's photo in the '08 CHHS Football Program. I can't believe that's my boy...he's so grown up! This is also from this years football program, although this is Cole playing last year as a Freshman.

Kai ready to go! I asked him if he could have a song playing from the loud speakers during his game, which song would it be? He said it is a tie between "Everlong" or "Long Road To Ruin" both by the Foo Fighters. So, as your viewing these photos, you can click on the songs on the playlist and have the full experience! (Cole's, of course, would be AC/DC's "Thunderstruck")
Kai in action!