Monday, August 16, 2010

What equals a CRUMMY run!

5 hours of sleep + 95 degree temperatures, that's what! UGH it was awful and I couldn't wait to get home. Not only was I HOT (what WAS I thinking?), I was dying of thirst and could hardly walk the rest of the way. One more lesson learned. I also realized that I need to do 'something' on the off days of training. I'm afraid I'm at the point now that I need to get some type of cardio in every other day of the run. Not sure what that will be yet. Wednesday is my 5 mile day and Friday is *6 miles*! It's getting hard, but the reward is awesome! I think I'll be sticking to early mornings and evenings until it cools WAY down.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Farther than EVER!

Oh my goodness! I just came in from my run today and I ran farther than I EVER HAVE in my LIFE! I'm soooo happy that I have pushed myself to this and am accomplishing something so challenging! I even ran them in under 15 minutes per mile! OH MY GOSH!!!! (Again the time thing isn't anything except that it is a measurement to me of how I'm doing.)

The boys have been in football conditioning for a few months. They have on occasion complained about how hard the coaches have been working them, harder than they have ever worked. They sometimes dread practice and come home sweaty and worn out. We've had constant conversations with them (especially one who is really having a hard time "digging deep") that they can't quit, they have to work hard and give it their all. Stretch themselves. So that they CAN be a better team, and when they DO win, they will realize that they deserved it. On Wednesday, when I couldn't get myself to get out there, but finally did, as I was toward the end, I thought about my boys. I realized that I can't expect them to do hard things if I'm not doing it myself. As I was running today, that went over and over in my mind. And how rewarding it is to accomplish those hard things. I think we are all growing by this experience and I'm glad we are sharing it together.

Thanks to all of you!  You are so supportive and I appreciate you so much!  :-)

This has nothing to do with running, but I have to say that I'm getting SO excited for football season! I love summer and don't want to hurry it away, but I can hardly stand waiting!  Today the boys got their helmets and practice jerseys, #11 and #32 are in the HOUSE! LITERALLY!, which they start practicing in this afternoon. Next Friday is our first scrimmage and the following Friday is our first GAME! It is the endowment game at home playing Syracuse.  I grew up with my brothers playing football, football on TV, radio, married a man who played and coached football and now 2 boys that play, well, you might say were destined to play, but I have come to LOVE the game and everything about it.  So, I saw this video and thought I'd post it.  It is my life, from a spectators perspective, a football mom, and I love it!  I hope you enjoy it! (I'm not much of a fan of country music, but I can't help but like the song because of the video, of course!)

Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Honestly, this morning I was looking for ANY and EVERY excuse not to go.  I was planning on not running today.  But then, something dragged my lazy butt upstairs and got me dressed and out the door.  I think the motivation today was that I ran a different route.  I decided I would try a flat run today, so I ran Grizzly Way.  It was GREAT!  I'm excited that I was able to finish without walking at all (despite my negative attitude earlier) and even more excited that I timed myself at about 17.5 min. miles.  Now, I'm not worried about my time in this marathon, although I would love it if I wasn't the slowest in my age group.  This time "mark" is a mental thing and helps me see my progress, and is so gratifying.  The best part is, that I ran 1 mile more than Monday and it's getting easier!  AND I LOVE IT!  It feels sooo good after a good run...even the sweat. (hee hee)  SNOW CANYON 1/2 MARATHON...HERE I COME! :-)

Monday, August 2, 2010


So far, so good.  Since last Wednesday's hard run, things are going great.  I ran the route again, and ran all but up the hill.  It felt really good.  The night before we had pasta and I was thinking that the carbs may have had something to do with the run feeling really good.  Maybe we need to have a pasta dinner the night before the 1/2.  Anyone tried this?  This morning the run was really good, no stopping and I'm feeling strong.  Over the weekend I actually thought "I think I can do this!"  I'm getting excited!  (But still a little scared!)  :-)