Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Honestly, this morning I was looking for ANY and EVERY excuse not to go.  I was planning on not running today.  But then, something dragged my lazy butt upstairs and got me dressed and out the door.  I think the motivation today was that I ran a different route.  I decided I would try a flat run today, so I ran Grizzly Way.  It was GREAT!  I'm excited that I was able to finish without walking at all (despite my negative attitude earlier) and even more excited that I timed myself at about 17.5 min. miles.  Now, I'm not worried about my time in this marathon, although I would love it if I wasn't the slowest in my age group.  This time "mark" is a mental thing and helps me see my progress, and is so gratifying.  The best part is, that I ran 1 mile more than Monday and it's getting easier!  AND I LOVE IT!  It feels sooo good after a good run...even the sweat. (hee hee)  SNOW CANYON 1/2 MARATHON...HERE I COME! :-)

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