Thursday, May 7, 2009


A few weeks ago I had a friend call me a "Blog-stalker"! At first I was surprised, telling her all of the reasons why I don't respond to blogs. (See, when we talk she'll tell me something and, of course, my response is "oh yeah, I saw that on your blog." Hence the name "Blog-stalker".) I thought it was normal to just just read the blogs and then go on to the next one. Apparently not. So, now I am going to try NOT be a "Blog-stalker"! I'm going to read the blogs and try to say something meaningful. Try... Ü

On another note, I'm not spending one more minute on this thing...Scott's getting off work early today! It will be so nice to see him for a few hours...before we both have to head off to meetings and not see each other until tomorrow! LOL!