Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2 steps forward, 1 step back...

It feels like it anyway. It's been a hard few days. The weather has been horrible and I think it really effects (affects?) me. It's been five days since my last run and I was still mentally hung up on the fact that I mostly walked last week and couldn't go as far as I had. (I wasn't able to make the 5K on Saturday due to work.) I had been talking with a friend and I realized that I was having a block, that I couldn't get past the fact that I felt more successful on my runs when I would take my usual route (which included quite a few big hills - yeah me!) but when I tried a new route (0ne that would have been the route for Saturday's 5K and has not much incline) I just didn't do as well and really struggled. So, the five days in between were not only because of the weather but it was getting over the mental hump of feeling disappointed and unsure. Until last week, I felt good and thought I was doing well, having completed the 5K and always looking forward to running, to not wanting to run and being unsure of the outcome and my ability. I really felt that I had taken 2 steps forward and even 2 steps back somedays!

But the sun is shining, figuratively and literally. After talking with a great friend at work, she encouraged me (well, committed me) to just run the new route and be determined to do my best. I also spoke with my brother Ralph, (who always has good advice :-) ), who said to just run for time, don't think distance so much right now and do what you can. So, with that attitude I ran the new route yesterday, and I ran the whole 30 minutes (still doing the program, yesterday was W9D1, so only 2 more on the program, then it's up to me) and felt SOOO good! I didn't complete the 3 miles, - actually did 2.17 miles! (I know, I'm slow) - and walked the rest of the way to complete a 5K. I am so pleased that I was able to complete the run and to run the route without doubts and negative bogging me down. I really concentrated on my breathing (thanks Heather!), and it will take a while, but it gives me something to focus on and I think it made me a stronger. I'm excited and looking forward to running again on Thursday!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Still going...

After the Race for the Cure, I decided I'm going to pick up where I left off on the training, so I'm currently on W8D1. The last few runs since the 5K were really good, but today for some reason it was really awful. I don't know what it is, (stress maybe?) but I just didn't have much motivation or strength. I'm running a 5K on Saturday and at this rate, I hope I can run the whole thing. But if not, then ok. I'm bummed I had a day like today, I've been doing really good and feel like I made a few steps backwards. I'll run again on Wednesday and hope it's better.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I did it, I did it, I DID IT! :-)

What, you may ask? THE 5K race, of course! It was amazing! I was sooo nervous last night and today, getting ready, driving there, I was totally calm. It was nice that this wasn't a real serious race, and made for a fun atmosphere. I was told there were 18,000 people there, which is the most they've had (I'm guessing here in SLC). I had anticipated "seeing" a starting line, at least in my head I did, but because I was so far back in the crowd that I started running way before what I think was the starting line. None the less, I was amazed at how many people were there! I was about 10 minutes in to the run and I looked up the road, waaaaaay up the road and saw just a sea of people, white, pink and black everywhere. Then I looked behind me and saw the same, it was something indescribable. I made up a new playlist on my phone last night so I was excited that I'd have some really great music to keep me going. At first, the crowd was so thick and there were so many people, that those of us who were running, had to run on the sidewalk for about the first mile. Then, throughout the race, I would have to dodge and weave in and out of groups of people, sometimes speeding up or slowing down, it was interesting and I definitely had to pay attention and not "zone". At the 1 mile mark, I was surprised at how far 1 mile really was. I was still going strong and feeling good. Almost at the two mile mark, where we start around the top of the loop, it is a bit of a hill, I was able to see the 2nd mile mark and thought "wow, this is really farther than I thought", but NOT ONCE did I think, "I need to stop and walk"! (I didn't realize it until the end when I replayed my run to my family.) It was so awesome to cross that finish line (it was a little chaotic, too) but felt so great. Scott was standing on the side just after the finish line and I immediately found him and hugged him and cried a bit, I was so thrilled that I accomplished such a huge thing for me. And then I remembered these wonderful women survivors that I watched today, that have accomplished something even bigger and more meaningful. They were truely an inspriation and I was proud to be running for such an important cause. I'm excited and thrilled and can't wait to do another one! (May 22nd BABY!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last run before the big race...

W6D3 was a good run, but really windy. It was 2 10 minute runs with a walk in between. I'm feeling really good today and am excited (and a bit nervous about the unknown) for Saturday. No training until race day, let's pray for nice weather!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

W5D3 Woot Woot!

I did it! I can't belive I DID IT! It was a straight 20 minute run with a 5 minute warm up and cool down. It was another one of those days where I was putting it off until the last minute and really, really was anxious about it. I chose a more flat route, though this time, anticipating it being a little more difficult. And it was, but I DID IT! I can't believe I went from sedentary (and I thought I was a "little" active, ha!) to running 20 minutes straight! Woot Woot!

Oh, and on another note, it's really, REALLY official! I received my T-Shirt and number for the race on Saturday! I'm number 2010 (being new at this, I'm not sure if that is everyone's number or if I just got a number that goes along with the year of my first race?!), and it's pretty neat. Ok, so now I'm a little unsettled about all the unknown (Should I drive and park or take Trax? Should I drive by myself or have someone go with me? What do I do when I get there? Do I wear my number on the front or back? Will I have time for a 5 minute warm up? How early should I plan to be there? What happens after I cross the finish line? Should I plan to stick around or leave afterward? So many unknowns.

Next week is Week 6! Let's hope we have really nice weather on Saturday. So far, it looks pretty good.