Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 2 Day 2

Wow, I thought this wouldn't be so hard, at least for the first few miles...I've done this before. But I think from having some time off, I've had a hard time getting up to where I was before. It's a little disappointing, but I'm hanging in there. Like I said, I'm going to do my best to run as much as I can of the 1/2 marathon, but I'm sure I'll be walking some.

Today I went out of my comfort zone and tried a different route. A big challenge....7000 S. A friend told me yesterday to give it a try and just run it. She gave me a few tips, said to start off with an Ibuprophen before and one after (which I have yet to take...maybe I don't need one?). Then, go all the way down 7000 to Grizzly Way and back (which is 3 miles), but on the way back, from 5600 to the first fire hydrant to sprint. So, I decided I'd try. The way down to Grizzly was great, it wasn't too difficult and it felt so good. I turned around at Grizzly and just that slight incline started making a difference and it got harder. I ran up to the pasture and ran/walked alternating from lightpost to lightpost. Then at the first lightpost after 5600 W., I sprinted to the next lightpost! Wow! That was tough! But I did it! I was trying for the fire hydrant, but couldn't quite get there. I was pleased with myself that I did that much! Then the rest of the way up 7000, I walked. It was a BEAST! UGH! I am going to work on trying to run it, but I think I need to work on distance more. So, we'll have to see. I'm thinking I did pretty good today.

Friday, July 23, 2010


This is Week 1 Day 3 of our 16 week training. Our race (St. George Snow Canyon on Nov 7) will be right on W16D3, so we may not make it all the way through the training but hopefully it will be ok.

Monday I ran and it was OK. I did better than I thought I would, but I struggled and did a bit more running than walking. Wednesday, I was about to give it up. It was a HARD day and the mental pressure it was giving me was too much. Then I thought about my friend who said "I have no doubt you can do this!" and all of you that are supporting me and encouraging me, and I realized that I can't let anyone down. So at that moment I was doing it to not dissappoint (one of my personality traits...) and do it. But as the day went on, I started looking forward to it and it turned out to be a great run. Very little walking and running the whole way. I was so proud of myself! I'm looking forward to today's run. I think it's going to be really great, hopefully no walking.

I've realized that these blogs and letting other in on our goals is what is going to keep us going sometimes. I had to reach deep down inside me to find something to motivate me to keep going and had it not been for you, my friends, I'd have quit. So, thank you. I'm hoping I'll thank you much more along the way, and of course on the afternoon of Nov. 7th!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Oh no you DIH-ENT!" (finger waving in an "S" shape with hand on hip)

Scott came home a few weeks ago and I'm on the couch with my foot propped up on pillows, wrapped in ice and said that he promised some friends that we would run the HALF MARATHON in St. George in November! OH NO YOU DIH-ENT! (didn't) I can't believe it. At the moment, I had many emotions; FEAR ("oh my goodness, I barely made it through the 5K in May, how could I run 13 miles?!), ANGUISH ("I'm nursing a sprained foot right now and am I ever going to be able to run?"), ANXIETY ("a HALF MARATHON!?!? Are you KIDDING ME???")...among others. (A friend told us that from our house to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and back is about 13 miles.) oh. my. GOODNESS!

I haven't ran since my mom was in the hospital, so as of today, it's been about a month. I feel like it won't be too bad to get back out there and run, but I know I am going to have to start slowly to get back to where I was when I stopped. After the shock wore off, I've started to entertain the idea a bit. I have resolved that I am going to do it, even if I have to run/walk! It is a HUGE undertaking for me, I'm really scared when I think of the actual race, but maybe that won't be so bad once I start training. Although, I have been really comfortable running in my neighborhood and to think of going outside that comfort zone is making me a bit nervous. I know that sounds weird, but I can't imagine running down 70th, down Grizzly way, down 90th south or Skye Drive, and toward the OM just makes me nervous. (I think because it is such a long way from home!) I wonder if any of you have had these same emotions. If so, please let me know and what you've done to decrease/resolve the concern. And any other helpful tidbits you can give to this novice runner would be MUCH appreciated.

As I always say "You eat the elephant one bite at a time", so I'll be taking baby steps to get to the 13 miles. I love having to log my running details on this blog and your encouragement is priceless. Thanks all...and I'll keep you posted!