Sunday, October 18, 2009

What a week!...

It's been a crazy, yet memorable week! Some milestones, bittersweet. Here are some highlights:

Cole's Eagle project was to collect up items for the children in the cancer ward for Primary Children's Medical Center. This photos was taken when he was presenting the collected items to the lady in charge of the donations at the hospital. It was such a neat experience and he was so excited to do it. Check out his smile! Ü

One of the Moms brought these cute, Eagle Scout cookies to the Court of Honor. They were yummy!

My nephew and his cute family, The Oliversons. I remember when we went to Jody's Court of Honor.

Our family and Thomas Melanson. Cole chose Bro. Melanson as his Mentor. He was encouraging and supportive and most importantly, enthusiastic about Boy Scouts and really helped Cole. Cole has had MANY Scout leaders who have helped him along the way, thanks to you all!

Our family with our Eagle Scout! (Even Mom came!)

The gang!

Cole with his Uncle Ralph and Aunt Tammy.

Hahaha! Brian, you are CRAZY! LOL!

Cole with the Carliles, our good friends.

Former mission companions and great friends.

Pre-op, just as he's getting his IV.

After the IV. (Glad that's over with! Not so bad, huh?)

Post-op, day 2. Feeling pain but doing ok (well enough to be TEXTING! LOL!)

Post-op Day 5. Right before removing the bandages. What will we find underneath, the suspense is killing us all!...

First look at the incisions, stitches and Surgeon's marks. (Feels worse than it looks, huh Cole?!)

Side view.

Scott and I at Lagoon.

When Cole and I got home from the hospital, the cats were on the window sill, it was so cute!

Louie and Chappy, aren't they cute?!

My cute Kai guy, at his Sophomore game against Kearns. He's so grown up!

Our Regional Conference at the Conference Center. It was so great to hear a living Prophet speak to us, we were only about rows back! It was so edifying and the Spirit was so strong! ( I didn't think to take a picture until he was walking out and unfortunately, what I did get, wasn't a very good one. )

Kai. Sophomore football program photo. (He's one of 4 Freshmen on the Soph. team!)

Cole. JV/Varsity football program photo.

The two of us.

Our dear friends, Brian & Shelly Carlile. Great photo guys!

Our family at the Conference Center with the Salt Lake Temple in the background.