Sunday, August 21, 2011


(Thank you Heather for the kick in the butt to get this going again.!)

I think I've neglected my blog because I've used Facebook and it's so much easier!  I'm going to try to stay on top of this and keep updated.

Another birthday is approaching and I'm feeling it.  I hate it.  Mentally, I feel as if I'm still in my 30's but unfortunately, parts of me KNOW that I'm not!  Tomorrow I've committed (and maybe it's good that I'm blogging this to hold myself accountable) that I will start running again.  I've been seeing friends and family that have been running this summer and I want to be doing that as well, but I've been so overwhelmed that I can't seem to get myself out there to do it.  I did walk/run for a week or so trying to get back, but then had a minor set back and didn't get going again.  So, tomorrow I'm doing it.  When the weather is nice, I love it.  But, know that the weather will be getting cold again soon.  I've got to try and not focus on the weather changing and it getting cold, it seems to hinder my enthusiasm.  (BTW...did I say I hate the cold?...)  I would love to run a 5K or 10K sometime before the winter starts, so here I go making myself accountable.  Wish me luck!

Also, this blog is also going to be my family updates, at least for right now.  Cole's sent in his mission papers and is waiting for his appointment with the Stake President, at which time they will go to Salt Lake.  So, I'll keep the updates here for now, and possibly when he leaves for his mission, I'll start one for that.  Possibly.

That's it for now!...