Monday, August 16, 2010

What equals a CRUMMY run!

5 hours of sleep + 95 degree temperatures, that's what! UGH it was awful and I couldn't wait to get home. Not only was I HOT (what WAS I thinking?), I was dying of thirst and could hardly walk the rest of the way. One more lesson learned. I also realized that I need to do 'something' on the off days of training. I'm afraid I'm at the point now that I need to get some type of cardio in every other day of the run. Not sure what that will be yet. Wednesday is my 5 mile day and Friday is *6 miles*! It's getting hard, but the reward is awesome! I think I'll be sticking to early mornings and evenings until it cools WAY down.

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  1. Ya, I won't run in the heat. I hate running at night because my bladder is difficult to keep empty, but I'll do that before I'll run in the heat of day. Once you start running 7 miles, you should drink during your run. This can be done two ways. You can carry your water or you can map a water stop into your run. Daybreak has water fountains all over the place, but when I leave here I carry my water. You might want to start looking at lite snacks to eat once you pass the 7 mile mark as well. You're gonna want to experiment and find what agrees with your stomatch while you run. Eat the wrong thing and you'll know it!! Better to find out before race day.

    You're doing awesome!! Keep it up!!