Saturday, January 12, 2008

Feelin' tech-y?...

Wow, I can't believe I did it! I saw a friends blog page this week and it inspired me to start a family blog and I'm thrilled it worked (and in such a short time)! Although I have to admit that choosing the blogger name was the most challenging. I wanted something creative and catch-y but the consensus was something basic, "How about just 'The Algers' " or "'Algerblog', Mom"...while all three of them were engrossed in the latest NFL game. So, after trying many (I even tried some I thought were creative but weren't available, the system suggested "Algerpages", so "Algerpages" it is.

Ok, so my thoughts are that I would keep everyone up to date on things; life, the boys, sports, church, work, Grandma Jo, etc. through the postings and photos. I think this will be really exciting and might inspire me to take photos again! Ever since I stopped scrapbooking, card making and demo'ing for Close To My Heart, I haven't hardly felt like taking photos, which I've come to regret a little - although only the picture taking part. So, this will serve many purposes and will be fun. I just hope I have the time to keep up. But if not, Scott can put things in and the boys too. So, I'll start now with an update for the New Year and we'll see how this all takes shape!

Mom is Mom and still the most active 82 year old I've ever seen. She is so funny and had such a great time with Sandy, Bob and everyone. She told me all the stories about the friends that she met at Sandy's shop and especially the lady who's son-in-law is an announcer for the Philadelphia Eagles. She was really excited about that. We get such a laugh from her, and this happens more often than not. Our dog, Bugsy, sits by her when we are eating. At just about every meal, several times during a meal, she will look at Bugsy and say "You're not getting anything." And then she turns to us and says "She's just waiting for me to drop something." We thought we'd here the same thing about Chester when she came back from Philly but she said Chester doesn't beg. I'm sure it's because he doesn't have a Grandma Jo around all the time! Any time we even hint that Mom may have given Bugsy food, she will always tell us "no". Friday night, Mom had Ramen for dinner and was eating it in her room. Scott called Bugsy downstairs, she jumped up on Scott's lap and had a Ramen noodle hanging from her lips! Mom said she must have gotten it out of the trash...? HOWever...

Scott enjoys his work and the people he works with, he just still is having a hard time with going "into" work each day. He really enjoyed working from home and having flexibility - he was so spoiled. At least he gets to drive a man-truck now and can enjoy driving again. No more trips to Vernal and back in one day. He and I have the same calling now, we are the Ward Activities Chair! It's taking him some time to get used to it, but for me, I'm all over it! I LOVE it! It's all about fun, so my yellow personality was made for a calling like this. We are asked to attend Ward Council and at first, Scott and I would alternate going on Fast Sundays, but I realized that I missed it so much and felt strongly that we both need to go. I love the spirit that is there with the great leaders of our ward. It always makes me want to be better and do even more when I attend. I enjoy being a part of helping those in our ward who are in need or may need friends or visits. I missed that so much after being released as Relief Society President. Then serving as a Primary teacher, and Gospel Doctrine Instructor, neither of those required me to be at Ward Council, and I was having Ward Council withdrawl! Now I feel like I have the best of both world and am loving my calling. It's making me stretch, it's difficult to plan an activity and food for 300 people! The boys are growing and changing...we definitely have arrived in the "teen" years. Although Kai has 5 months until he is officially a teen, he's already there. He's sooo funny. He says the funniest things and is always up for a laugh. Recently, we listened to a comedy CD from Brian Regan and Kai has been parroting him since! We'll constantly hear Kai say "Take - luck and care" or "that's what I'm talkin' 'bout". He's a tape recorder... I think he watched "Nacho Libre" only 3 times before he knew it word for word. And then we'd here him singing "Encarnacion" or saying "Chancho, I need to borrow some sweats!"... Kai had a basketball game today and the guys did so well. His games are so exciting and this one had them down by 4 in the last quarter, they came up by 2 with just over 2 minutes left, then in the last 30 seconds our team was fouled and the other team made one shot to win the game. It was so intense I forgot it was Jr. Jazz! Kai is quite the Rebounder (being the 2nd tallest on his team) and he's really aggressive. I can see him playing more basketball in the future! Cole is now driving with his Learner's permit. He's really a good driver and is really cautious, always asking questions about what to do in certain situations. Scott let him drive from our house to West Jordan HS today, which is the furthest he's ever driven and I was in the back - a little nervous, but playing it cool. Scott was up front, calm and quiet, giving Cole directions now and then. About half way there, I looked up front and saw Scott had his left hand around the emergency brake - just in case. I'm sure there will be more updates on the blog about Cole's driving. Cole's latest "thing" has been "I Am Legend". He has seen it twice with the same friend and said it was the "scariest" movie he has seen. But he still loved it and is even reading the book (SHOCKER!). He's the Teacher's Quorum President and is very responsible. (Except for remember to assign out the bread on Saturday night, which usually ends up with him taking a loaf on Sunday morning.) He is working on his last few merit badges to get his Eagle. His goal is to have everything done before football training starts in the summer. He woke up this morning and got right to his papers to get everything organized, so I know he's serious now.

And last but not least, Bugsy is expecting...we mated her with a cute little Yorkie named "Tank" and should have her puppies in mid February. How exciting! (Am I a glutton for punishment or what?!) Chappy is still the happiest cat I've ever seen and Louie is still constantly running from Bugsy. Never a dull moment in our house!... The game is over and so is this post. Until next time, Adieu!...

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  1. Hey kids, nice blog! I like these things although they kinda do lose my interest when it take so many steps to get in and post a comment. Oh well, what's one more password/login to remember, right? After all, if you can remember the Ridley Park phone number, you can easily recall your passwords! Yeh right! The latest news has Markie Mark possibly coming to grandpas this weekend. Orin call ed me today and I think Mark and I will try to rendezvous on the ice with him this Saturday. Any other takers? I sent Mom's newly burned CD off to her on Saturday and hopefully it will provide her with a recall of when Mom and Dad were together raising a family after "the War". I hope she likes it! For now, Ralph