Friday, November 25, 2011

Update and a new beginning

I haven't blogged in a very long time and when I was blogging it was more of my "running log".  So I'm giving that up for now and beginning a new family blog, aka Cole's mission blog.  Since the purpose of me originally starting this blog was to blog about my family, I've decided to go back to that and blog our lives.  Of course, I'll also blog family events that happen in the meantime, but this will be a place where we'll record Cole's experiences, photos and letters.  Hope you enjoy!  Here are some of the things that have been going on for the last year that I may have neglected.

11.24 Yesterday was Thanksgiving AND Cole's 19th Birthday!  Hard to believe how quickly time flies!

09.21 Cole received his mission call to serve in the Columbus Ohio Mission!  He reports to the MTC on 1.11.12! He's so excited!
It only took 2 days after he got his mission call to get his Ohio State shirt!

10.08 This was the major mission clothes shopping day.  He got some really sharp suits and clothes!  He's starting to look like a missionary!

08.11 Cole's official mission photo.

09.25 Kai's first 'date' and Homecoming Dance.  So cute!

09.18  Kai's Eagle Court of Honor!
09.18 My two Eagle Scouts!
08.05 Kai's photo for the football game program.  Great smile!

I thought this was kind of cool so I had to put it in.  This is a bookmark taken from action shots.  Each player got at least one shot on a bookmark.  Pretty awesome!
09.03 Both boys enjoy playing the drums.  Here's Kai.  Pretty good for being self-taught!

07.01 The boys had the opportunity this summer to go to their first Pioneer Trek.  They said it was an amazing experience!
06.23 Kai's 16th birthday!  Guess what he wanted to do for his birthday?  Eat biscuits and gravy, his favorite!
Can't believe he's 16 already!

06.01 Cole's high school graduation.  Can't believe this time has already come.  

05.22 Cole's seminary graduation.  Great frothers! (friends + brothers)

03.02 Big day for Kai!  The braces are GONE! Yay!

01.11 The boys at their 2010-2011 Football banquet.  Cole finishing his senior year of football, Kai finishing his Sophmore year.  Sad it's over!

That's a quick version of the happenings over the year!  Crazy 2011!  :-)

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