Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I can't believe it's been almost 4 months since I last added a blog. (Sounds like a journal entry!) But it's ok, things have kept me busy, a good busy. Among many other things, Real Estate has picked up, the boys went from track (Cole) and basketball (Kai) to football (Cole) and track (Kai). Speaking of sports, Cole ran track for Copper Hills HS as a Freshman and he lettered! We are so thrilled! He had a great time and really did well. He took 5th place at one of the Regional meets for Long Jump, (I can't remember how far he jumped) and his fastest time in the 100m is 11.87. And he has now started summer football and is LOVING every minute of it, including 7:00 am practices every other day! Kai's basketball team didn't win many games, but the guys sure had a ball (hee hee, love the pun!). He was able to play again with his 3 really good friends; Daniel, Braden and Nate, so I think no matter what they do together, they have a good time. He is quite the basketball player too. He is so fast across the court and is an awesome rebounder. I have to confess that watching basketball in the past had been almost painful for me, but I began to enjoy it this winter with Kai's first group of games, and even caught a few quarters of some Jazz games and enjoyed them. I think the key is really understanding the game and what is going on, then it's easier to enjoy. Kai is doing really well in track too, and with his long legs and speed, I think he'll be a great sprinter. I've realized that my mellow, easy going boy can have an agressive and competitive side too and its fun to see the different sides of him.

I realized today after browsing through several friends' blogs that I'm not a blogger. I don't say anything really whitty or profound, I don't have a long list of favorite sites to share or anything catch-y or trendy, which are really fun to explore on other people's sites. It's all about simple - for me. My big revelation several years ago...simple. I was struggling through monthly scrapbooking workshops (by struggling I mean, emotionally I was losing interest, financially, my customers were barely making the minimums and the number of attendees were fewer every month, and I always felt that it took too much time to prepare and time away from my family). Shortly after this epiphany, I was called as RS President and realized that I couldn't keep it up and it was time to close the chapter. Around the time this happened I was working on a two-page layout for my scrapbooks and my family was waiting in the other room for me to go do something fun as a family. I kept them waiting forever and by the time I was finished, I realized that I just took away from an opportunity to create NEW memories, by scrapbooking old ones. It didn't make sense and that was when I decided that it was time to simplify. I quit scrapbooking all together! I sold ALL my rubberstamps and scrapbooking supplies (over 13 years worth!) and that was it. I haven't even looked back. In fact, I saved 2 colors of cardstock thinking that I might need to use them and it's been 3 years and I haven't even touched them. I've enjoyed simplifying my life. That doesn't mean that I'm not crazy busy sometimes or that I'm not stressed, but it's different now. Now that's about as wordy as you'll see me on this blog, I think. So if you are looking for whitty, trendy, poetic, life changing words to live by; this isn't the place. But if you are looking to catch up with us and what we are doing and what makes us happy, then enjoy. Especially our family. We love you and without you we wouldn't be as happy! Here are photos from recent "happiness-es" (hee hee, I just made that up!) that we can share...

My 3 favorite guys...at the Salt Lake Bees baseball game on Saturday night.

The San Diego Temple, isn't it beautiful? It's my favorite. I just bought a picture for our family room that is done in black and white and sepia with a beautiful black frame. It's gorgeous. I wish it had been built when Scott and I got married, we would have chosen it to be married in. The LA Temple is beautiful too and will always hold a special place for us.

This is our new beachfront home investment property......not really! Hee hee...I wish! These are some photos that I fell in love with...(things I dream of...)

Wouldn't this be an AMAZING vacation spot?! How romantic!

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  1. WOW!
    I was like fricken out cuz I thought you bought an island or something!!!
    But....um....the pictures are nice too ;)