Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Here's my nephew, Elder Allen and his first door (tracting) in the Ukraine, Kiev mission! He's such a great young man and we are so proud of him! This photo brings back many memories for me, too! That first door is so scary!

This is David Archuleta's house. I HAD to drive by! This was just after his visit to Utah and they had bows and ribbons like the ones in front of his house lining the neighborhood. The banner across the front porch reads "Congratulations David Archuleta"! We are "American Idol" fans and especially this year. He was one of our favorites from the auditions and knew he would do well.

We just finished a large group meeting with the special speaker, President Monson! He was so cute, when he was leaving he waved and looked up and it was as if he saw each one of us individually. Here I am with Tammy and her friend Sheila. Women's Conference is SO MUCH FUN! I don't think this angle was very good, we look like we're from Munchkin Land!

Shelly and I also at WC.


  1. wow! that shelly is beautiful!!! you are lucky to have such a stunning friend!

  2. Lauren you are too cute! I'm glad you have decided to simplify - life is enjoyed much better that way :)