Friday, January 2, 2009

"Young @ Heart" - a MUST see!

Happy New Year everyone! Yes, the **CRAB FEST** was awesome as always although we missed having several family member "regulars" there this year, it was still so fun! We played a new game this year called " a box" and it was hilarious. I highly recommend it. I think the first round was the trial run, and you have to set some group "rules" as we did, but after the first round, we got going and laughed until we were red in the face! So, if you like games, give it a try!

Last night, I started watching a movie called "Young @ Heart" that was recommended to me by my brother, Ralph. I have had it (Netflix) for about 2 weeks and had wanted the rest of the family to watch it with me, but got tired of waiting for them (Scott and Kai playing NCAA '09 and Cole checking his Facebook page) so I went ahead. Within 30 minutes, all three were watching with me. Needless to say, it was captivating, touching, sweet, sad, hilarious and will have you cheering! I couldn't help but see my mom, dad and grandparents in many of these sweet seniors and I think you will too.

The premise of the movie is this (from the jacket): "Coldplay, the Clash and Jimi Hendrix will never sound the same once you've heard the Young @ Heart chorus, a group of Massachusetts senior citizens who thrill audiences worldwide with thier unusual - - and unusually poignant - - covers of rock songs. Steven Walker's humane and heartwarming documentary, which premiered at Sundance in 2008, follows the elderly ensemble as they prepare for their new show. "

Don't let Coldplay, the Clash and Jimi Hendrix throw you off, this is a wonderful, WONDERFUL family movie and a MUST see for everyone! I'd love to hear what you think after you have seen it, so let me know!


  1. I just put it at the top of my netflix queue. The preview is awesome! Thanks for the tip! I'll let you know, but I think it's looking good.

  2. I'll add that to my Netflix list. We just saw Marlee & Me at the theatre...that was a good one too!! I cried like a baby though at the end.

  3. That's great, you'll love it. My friend said Marley & Me is sad and she cried. You'll cry at this one too. I love your blog and all the pics of your home! Your home decor is so beautiful, you really have a gift! (You always did)!

  4. Hey!! We watched Young @ Heart on Friday night!! LOVED IT! How fun is that idea?!? I love Lenny, the speedy driver guy. I also love the rainbow lady. Stephanie really enjoyed the movie too. She came in on it late, but I filled her in.

    I am off to buy "Fix You" from itunes, or find the cd used on Amazon. Probally the latter.

    Thanks for the excellent tip Lauren!!!