Friday, December 26, 2008

* S n O w *

Holy cow! We haven't had much snow at all this winter, until Christmas Eve and then we got blasted! Christmas morning we had quite a bit (Scott and the boys spent a good part of the day snowblowing and shoveling neighbors driveways) and then we got MORE snow last night! (BTW, the news interviewed our neighbor, turns out that we have the most snow here than anywhere in the Valley! UGH!'s after me! LOL!)

Here are some photos from about 10 am this morning and some random shots.

Wow! This is the step from my back french doors to the patio, you can barely see that there is a step there.
BBQ anyone?
Our front steps (taken from inside at my front window of course! BRRRRR!!!!)

Cole is snow-blowing the driveway. It took him an hour and a half JUST to do the driveway! (And he still wasn't able to get all the snow that the plows had left at the end of our driveway.)
Bugsy out in the snow.

Chappy is so mellow, he looks so cute here. I tried to get him with his eyes open but he seems to not have time for that!

Louie looks like a sleeping baby! He has one paw under his cute!

"Did someone say the word *GO*?!" Bugsy is always ready to GO! ...potty, ...for a ride, with the boys... Go is her favorite word! LOL!

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