Friday, June 18, 2010

Catch up

Ok, I haven't blogged lately about my running because it's been really inconsistent and I hate it. Things got so busy I had no time to run. Then last week, my Mom went into the hospital and of course had even less time than the week before. She came home and we've had to get her set up with Physical Therapy and get her back into being at home and that has taken time, along with catching up with work from the previous week, so I had even LESS time than the two weeks before. BUT, I did get a run in on Monday, and was excited and looking forward to getting back in the groove, then Tuesday, something happened to my foot (dang flat feet!) and I can hardly walk. It's getting a little better today, I'm hoping to not have to limp much and maybe I can run tomorrow afternoon after the BYU 7-on-7 football passing tournament. (YEAH! Can I tell you how much I LOVE football! And I love the heat and sunshine, tomorrow will be 82 degrees, and I'll be in heaven!) So, hopefully tomorrow, I *WILL* get back in the routine again!

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