Monday, November 10, 2008

What a GAME!

Yes! They finally did it! Kai's team played in the Jag Bowl this season, and ended the season with a great game on Saturday. When we arrived, the coach told a few parents that there were some changes to the brackets and we were playing for either 1st or 2nd place! ("Wildcard"?) At first, it didn't really hit me, I thought "Wow, that's great. We're playing Cottonwood, so 2nd will be nice". We started off the game with a kick off return caught by our player and the Colts thought they had tackled him. He was still standing and had gotten out and ran for a touchdown! Great first play! The game continued to get better! Kai had a great game! He had an amazing 40+ yard run for a touchdown. He stripped the ball from an opponent and got 10+ yards and had an interception toward the end of the game that kept Cottonwood from scoring. By about the 3rd quarter, I realized, these boys are going to take 1st place! And they did! They won the game 21-19! It was amazing! We are so thrilled! And to add to that, the weather was perfect football weather. The air was crisp but not cold, the sun was shining and there were beautiful leaves on the ground. It was a perfect day! We are so happy and finally get to enjoy the feeling of taking 1st place in football!

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