Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

My handsome boy! He decided to get a mullet wig for Halloween to attend a "Fear Factor" Costume Party with his friends. As he put on the mullet, the costume started evolving..., so he went from this:
To THIS!...
(This could be a Jeff Foxworthy joke! LOL! "You might be a Redneck!"...)
It doesn't even look like KAI! We laughed so hard! Scott did a great job drawing on his tattoo, it says "MOM" with a heart and arrow. He has a Pedro mustache, eyebrows and sideburns and zits. Too funny. I should have gotten a closeup shot.

These are the party boys; A Military guy, Judge Judy, a Ninja and Redneck Joe. They had a blast!


  1. Hey, I think I knew that guy in high school!! LOL!

  2. Hey, I think I dated that guy in High School!! Soooo Kidding (about the tatoo anyway).

  3. Halloween is sooo mcuh fun!! Love the mullet.

  4. Hahahaha oh man! Kai looks great! I love your family so much :)