Thursday, April 8, 2010

OK, here goes...

Not very long ago I was going to delete this blog and just stick with keeping up on my Facebook page. I don't think I'm a very good "writer" so FB is definitely more my style; quick and easy. Obviously, I didn't, and here I am and well, I'm feeling REALLY vulnerable and a little scared at putting this "out there" but...I have recently decided to start running. And I guess I could say -again - since several years ago, I was actually running up to 2-3 miles. But now, a few years later, older and definitely more out of shape, I've decided to try again. People say muscle has memory, so if that is true, I'm hoping my body remembers that I used to be able to do this and it will be easier to do it again. When I stopped last time, I was almost to 3 miles, but that last mile was tough. I found that I really enjoyed it and would actually look forward to going out and listening to music and feeling my heart and blood pumping (and even sweating). There's something about that feeling. I've been inspired by some women recently who are running; Tammy, Lia, Deea, (you guys are awesome!) among others and one day I thought "I should do this". And not only, DO this, but I've decided to run a 5K, my very first one. (A very close family member has just beat breast cancer and is participating in the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure here in Salt Lake, so how could I not go and show my support for her?) Like I said, I'm a little scared putting this out there, I've been told that once I do, then it's harder to fall short, because other people are following me, so I have some accountability. Not that I intend to fall short, but I'm hard enough on myself when I don't complete something I've set out to do, or even when I don't follow through with something. (Wow, life is so overwhelming now as it is, am I sure I want *one more thing* to add to my never ending stresses?) My biggest concern is will I be ready to run the 5K. The race falls on Week 7 Day 1 of my training, so I won't have completed the program and will have to run it at whatever stage I am in. My biggest worry is that I won't be able to run it. I know I can walk it, and that's a good option, but I really, really want to run it. That is my goal and I hope I'm ready. So, a friend suggested that keeping this blog will be a good thing to keep me motivated on the hard days and may inspire others, kind of like in "Julie & Julia", how she kept a daily blog of her progress (journaling?). At first, I thought that it would be crazy to blog about my running, who REALLY wants to know? But another friend today said the same thing, so somewhat reluctantly, here I am. It will definitely be honest and simple. For those of you who are interested, here goes...

My good friend Melinda was just certified in San Diego as a Zumba Instructor and got me totally excited about Zumba, (since I LOVE to dance, this was a perfect exercize plan for me) and I couldn't wait to go. Problem was, time. The scheduled classes at the fitness center were at the worst possible times for me. Bummer. lit the flame that started the fire. I decided I needed to do something, so, when I stumbled upon this running plan, I thought "I can do 30 minutes, and when it's convenient for me, that's perfect!" And so it began. My plan is a 9 week plan; 3 work outs per week for approx. 30 minutes. Each week the workout has differing intervals of running and recovery walks with a warm up and cool down. Week 1 day 1 (W1D1) was very inspiring but SOOOO hard! It was a Saturday and I asked Scott to go with me. I loved having the company but having Mr. competitive- former personal trainer back in the day-push me 'til it hurts guy - with me, in hind sight wasn't the best decision for day one, but I survived it. We live in a neighborhood that is on a hill and surrounded by hills. In fact, I think the only real flat area is the elementary school up the street, so not only am I trying to run this program, but doing it on hills is even tougher. On the good days, I take that as a challenge. On the hard days, I dread them. I thought I left my lungs and legs somewhere along the route, BUT when it was the 5 minute cool down walk, it was such a high! I did it! I hurt, but day 1 was down! W1D2 was a bit easier, I was alone and could run at my own pace. It was still tough, but easier than day 1. Again, I felt great and was so excited that I was already 2 days into it. I don't remember much about day 3, it must have been ok. Week 2 Day 1 was the day after Easter. UGH! We were anticipating a huge storm, so I needed to get my run in before it rained/snowed and got too cold. I enjoyed some yummy foods on Easter (chocolate and Diet Coke, yum!) but it definitely caught up with me. Adding to that, the storm was coming and it was unbelieveably windy. I decided that in order to get through this one, there was no way I could run the hills AND against the wind, so I opted to run around the school. By the time I got to the school, my shins and my ankles were hurting, so the run was rough and painful and at times, I didn't think I would complete it. I made it through and hobbled home afterward and nursed my legs and ankles the rest of the day. Scott said I was walking like an old lady and I sure felt like one! I learned a lesson through that, I need to be aware of what I take into my body, especially before a run. I've never experienced that before, so it was a good wake up call. Our storm passed and I should have ran yesterday. Most people would say that they run to relieve stress and maybe I'll get to that point, but yesterday was a super stressful day, and the last thing I wanted to do was run AND with only a small window of time in which to do it. That alone was causing me MORE stress! So, I blew off the run and committed to doing it today. The ugly storm passed and today was beautiful! All day I was actually looking forward to running! (I KNOW! I can't believe I really felt that way!) I finally got out about 6 pm and it was GREAT! It was a beautiful night and the run was great. As I ran, I wasn't thinking as much about which interval it was and how many more I had left, I was just enjoying the music and the surroundings. That is a huge improvement for me and I was thrilled that I have reached that point so soon. It was fun to be out around my neighborhood again and several times I really thought "I can do this and I WILL be ready!" One part of the run made me especially grateful that I went. Toward the end, I passed a cute little blonde boy, about 4 or 5 years old, riding his bike on the sidewalk. As I looked at the end of the street, I saw the Ice Cream Man turn the corner, without music, realizing that this little guy hadn't seen him yet. Within seconds the music started and I saw the boy, simultaneously, throw his bike down, leap about 2 feet from where his bike landed, in a dead run toward the ice cream truck. I laughed so hard I could hardly keep running! It was so adorable, and as I watched this cute little guy, it touched my heart. It reminded me of years ago, another cute little blonde boy named Kai, that I'm sure played out that exact same scenario, the bike dropping and the dead run toward the Ice Cream Man, because the boy NEVER missed the Ice Cream Man. As I ran by, it brought to mind the years that have gone by and how my little guy has grown into a young man, and made me grateful for that memory and that I was out to see it. Oh, and I am hardly sore at all! I loved my run today. I realized that when the weather is nice, I enjoy the runs so much more. So, bring it on!, now that that is all said, and it's "out there", I'm committed, I'm in, I'm ready and I'm going to keep posting my progress. So there... it's still kind of scary (AAACK...I feel so vulnerable...why??), but it feels kind of good to share it. Thanks Heather for the idea and your inspiration and Jerri for your support and encouragement...this will be an interesting adventure!


  1. You absolutely can do this!!! I'm so proud of you! Don't beat yourself up, just do the best you can. Knowing what that really is is the tricky part (we're always capable of far more than we beleive). I was honored that you mentioned me. It motivates me. I understand the feelings of vulnerability, putting yourself out there is not easy. I'll be watching ;)!

  2. I myself have been trying out the running thing lately. I SO need to get in shape! I can only run for a minute, but hopefully I can work up to running more and walking less! You can do it! Its good for me to have a friend to go with, because without her, I wouldnt get it done! I would go with you if we were still there! Good luck!
    Oh and please keep your blog! I love keeping up to date with people from the good ol ward! So while your at it...recruit some more bloggers as well!
    Heather Taylor

  3. yay for you! I know you can do it!