Monday, April 19, 2010


I can't believe that I'm already into 4 weeks of training, and the race is 2 weeks from Saturday! AHHH! Friday's run was good, uneventful. I was busy Friday night so didn't have time to post. Today was a new interval training, my longest run so far. The first was a 3 minute run. I felt good and was doing pretty well. Oh, and the hubby ran with me today, I was really worried that it was going to be like W1D1, but it was all good. The first interval set was a 3 minute run, then a short recovery walk, then a 5 minute run with a short recovery walk, then repeat. I did really well, although the last 5 minute run was really, really hard (uphill, too! UGH!). Music really DOES make for a good run! On the podcast, during the last 5 minute run, it's a really lame song, so I'd like to blame the song for it being hard! LOL! Last Friday was the first time I could really "see" myself running the whole race! Today put that into better perspective, but I really am thinking I can do this! I'm so excited! Wednesday is going to be a crazy day, so I may have to run on Thursday for day 2, and it's supposed to be really crummy weather. Oh well! Wouldn't be the first time!


  1. Keep up the good work! You CAN do this!!!

  2. Wow, 2 weeks!! You're gonna be just fine!